Design Philosophy

Our architecture practice is a lot about the concept of balance. We want our clients' homes to have spaces for things besides cooking, laundry, and television. What about music, hobbies, quiet space, outdoor retreats, and rainy days with books? Every aspect of their lives needs to be considered and a special place reserved for it, even if it be in the future.

The actual design of the spaces and the use of materials need to reflect balance as well. We want a harmonious collection of spaces, both indoor and out, that communicates well with one another and creates a magnetic draw from one to the other-- encouraging an atmosphere of possibility and aesthetic excitement.

We look for a balance in money spent on the building. We prefer the craftsmanship evident in the Arts and Crafts and Shingle style of buildings. Money spent only to gain the maximum space is not money well spent. Spaces that can serve many purposes through careful design can leave money for further craftsmanship and beauty.

Most importantly, have we considered the Earth and the impact the project will have on it? There is a balancing act to be performed on every project, from the building's placement on the site, to the efficiency of the mechanical sytems, to the building materials and finishes. Sustainability is the only thing that makes sense. As a LEED Accredited Professional we understand how to make it happen.

It matters not the size of the budget or the richness of the land. Any space can bring balance and beauty to its occupants from the smallest city apartment to the row house backyard. It matters that it was cared for and considered. Only then will it will be a place where a person can find renewal as well as inspiration. It will be a place to vacation to and not away from.